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There are so many positive reasons to choose a rewarding career in Child Care. The industry is booming with no sign of slowing down, employment opportunities are everywhere for both part-time and full-time work, and if you choose to study Child Care at Sage, you may be eligible to receive State or Federal Government funding to help pay for your course.

Eligibility for government funding throws up a lot of questions. Typically, students seek answers to the following questions:

  • How much money do I save if I qualify for government funding?
  • Does my age matter?
  • What if I already have a qualification?
  • Can I receive funding if I only study part-time?

Government funding: who is eligible?

Government funding is open to a wide spectrum of students and you’d be surprised at just how many people qualify! The criteria for eligibility depend on a number of factors, but in broad terms you should automatically be eligible for government funding for a Child Care course with Sage if you answer positively to the following criteria:

  • You have permanent residency or you are an Australian or NZ citizen (appropriate proof of identification is required)
  • you haven’t completed any prior qualifications

government funded child care course at sage institute

About government funding

Assistance with funding your course may be provided by either the State or Federal Government.  For example, Higher Education Skills Group (HESG) provides funding assistance to eligible individuals studying in Victoria.

How long does it take?

Obtaining funding is not a daunting task. In fact, it’s a simple process.  All you have to do is give our career advisors a call to arrange a time for a quick chat in person and we’ll get the process underway.  It’s completely hassle-free – we’ll do all the work for you!

 What is the age limit for government funding?

There is no age limit on government funding to study Child Care at Sage. This is great news for mature age students or those interested in making a career change, as the opportunity to receive funding is definitely there.

What about studying part-time?

More good news! You can still receive government funding if you wish to study Child Care part-time at Sage Institute. In fact, it makes no difference whether you study part-time or full-time, as long as you meet the required criteria for funding.

If I already have a previous VET or tertiary qualification can I still receive funding?

For Australian citizens, if you have received a qualification from an Australian tertiary institute, your qualification may prevent you from receiving funding, but you’re still welcome to study at Sage Institute of Child Care. Please discuss this with our career advisors during your chat.

How much of my course will the government funding cover?

When it comes to payment options, Sage Institute of Child Care is dedicated to giving our students as many options as possible, as we realise that everyone’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer you two payment options, enabling you the flexibility to choose what’s best for you. You can pay a smaller fee upfront; or you can make a flexible payment plan spread out over several months.

Which payment plan should I choose?

The simple answer here is that you should choose the right option for you!  Remember, our career advisors are here to help.  So don’t be shy – feel free to call them at any time during business hours to discuss which of our Child Care courses and payment plans would best suit you.

What about concession entitlements?

Providing you have a valid concession card, you may be able to receive further government funding assistance. We recommend you discuss this with our career advisors.

Sage Institute of Child Care – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career!

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan is the Academic Director at Sage Institute of Education. She oversees learning processes, teaching outcomes, resources and course development. A passionate advocate for bettering standards of training in Australia, she is currently writing her PhD thesis on defining quality training in the Australian vocational education sector.
Vicki Tuchtan

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