Nicola Camm, Practical Placement Co-ordinator at Sage Institute of Child Care

Nicola Camm - Sage Institute of Child CareWith a wealth of experience in the child care industry, Nicola plays a key role in supporting students undertaking their practical placements, as Practical Placement Co-ordinator. With her knowledge and life experience, we thought that Nicola would have some great sharing to do…

1. Here’s the icebreaker! What are Five Fun Facts we should know about you?

Fact 1: My nickname around campus is “Hagrid”.
Fact 2: I spent 10 years working in the motorcycle disc brake industry.
Fact 3: I have four children and 1 grand-baby.
Fact 4: Before coming to Sage, I juggled six part-time jobs.
Fact 5: I have a miniature Labradoodle called Cuddles, but probably should be called “Jaws”!

2. How long have you been working with Sage?

Approximately two years.

3. What is your “pre-Sage” background?

I have worked in children’s services since 1987. Yikes!

4. What do you like most about your role?

It’s ever changing and you get to meet new people and experience different places every day.

5. What do you do in a week at Sage?

Visit students on placement, data entry, student counselling, support students in class, meet new classes, support the other team members and allocate assessors.

6. Who is in your team?

Sixteen assessors across three states.

7. What do you think are the best parts of working with children?

They always make you smile! Watching them grow and have fun, learn new skills and accumulate knowledge.

8. What advice would you give to graduates looking for their first real job in child care?

Remember your reputation follows you and make sure you enjoy yourself.

9. Tell us about an experience you have had with a Sage student that really had an impact on you…

We had a student who had her baby early, but was soon back in class.  She showed amazing dedication and passion for the course by caring for her new baby while also continuing to attend her classes.

10. Tell us what your top 3 Instagram accounts are and why?

I don’t do Instagram – but my children want me to!


Sage Institute of Child Care – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan is the Academic Director at Sage Institute of Education. She oversees learning processes, teaching outcomes, resources and course development. A passionate advocate for bettering standards of training in Australia, she is currently writing her PhD thesis on defining quality training in the Australian vocational education sector.
Vicki Tuchtan

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