Caitlin Smith
"What made me choose Sage Institute of Child Care is that they have a lot of starting dates throughout the year, whereas some Child Care Institutes only have February or July intakes. Also my sister did a massage course with Sage and she said she had a good experience. The best thing about this course is meeting new people, creating new friendships and having more knowledge about children. Doing this course made me happier - it has made me a confident person."
Dimi Terzakis
"The dedicated, organized, nurturing lecturers and staff have played a pivotal role in the innovative institution that Sage Institute of Child Care has become today. The well-constructed lessons offer specific up-to-date skills and training necessary acting as a medium for successful future employment in the child care industry. As the weeks progressed, sincere student friendships were formed and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a multitude of cultures which opened the gates of multiculturalism simultaneously. "
Louise Caterino
"The best thing about Sage Institute of Child Care is having a great team to work with in class, and having one step into my new career. I love children and this was something I always wanted to do so it has given me a step up into teaching. Sage was very helpful in finding a placement for my work experience. "
Mariah de Prinse
“Everyone was friendly and welcoming at Sage Institute of Child Care. The course work was not as difficult as I thought. The best thing about this course is the flexibility of the course work. The lecturers are understanding, not pushy, or stressful. I would recommend Sage Institute of Child Care because the programs are affordable and the lecturers are understanding.”

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